Dog Ear Infection – Causes, Symptoms and Helpful Treatments

Dogs with long, floppy ears like cocker spaniels are vulnerable to otitis externa, otherwise called an ear infection. It’s a condition characterized by inflammation of the external ear canal. A disease of the sort is common in puppies, and are one of the a number of the most frequent causes of vet visits.

Typical symptoms

The most frequent dog ear disease symptoms would be the intentional scratching of the ear or vigorous head shaking. The same as with us having a no hearing out of both of the ears are often very discomforting. This is exactly the exact same to the dog that keep scratching or shaking the head in a bid to clear whatever is the reason for the inability to listen. It’s very important that you take the dog into the veterinary while there’s still time. A checkup can help determine the reason for the distress and provide a trusted remedy.


These illnesses are brought on by bacteria, fungus or parasites. A lab evaluation in the vet can help determine what the root cause of the disease is. There Are Lots of factors that may result in an infections for example:

• Water or bath from the ears

• Allergies

• Trauma

• Tumors

• Foreign substance from the ears

• Autoimmune disorder

• Generalized skin disorder.

Even though they are more prevalent in long-eared puppies, these illnesses may occur in dogs of any age, breed or sex. Dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors, swimming, or have been exposed to germs in some manner are more inclined to a ear ailments, and ought to have their ears cleaned frequently.


There are lots of symptoms to watch out for when it has to do with an illness of this sort. First of all, in case your dog is continually scratching or rubbing the ears, then she probably has an illness. Her mind could shake, and you might detect a strange odor or release exuding in the affected location. In case you’ve ever had a kid with an ear infection, you are aware that the odor is very unmistakable, this is exactly what you’ll be on the lookout for along with your pet too. Ear infections can also be debilitating and your dog will experience pain when you attempt to touch or wash her ears, and there will probably be swelling and redness of the external ear canal.

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Dog Ear Infection Prevention and Treatment:

It’s crucial to attempt and maintain your pet’s ears clean constantly. To wash out the ears you need to use a cotton ball with cleansing solution, mineral oil or apple cider vinegar. If you observe your pet’s ears create a very strong odor, it’s a good idea to receive her examined by your vet to find out whether there’s an infection.

Regrettably ear ailments which aren’t treated may cause internal ear infections that could be severe, debilitating and more difficult to deal with. Cleaning your dog’s ears regularly can help stave off potential ear ailments, and if you observe any of the above mentioned symptoms, get into see the vet as soon as possible.